Tomboys, Butches, Trans, Women BDSMers blankFRA / ESP

Versions of female masculinity


'Tomboys, Butches, Trans, BDSM Practisers, Versions of female masculinity.' Complete version V.O.D.


Tomboys, Butches, Trans, BDSM Practisers, Versions of female masculinity, is an experimental video documentary produced by visual artist Elena Toxic.
It is a short-film that narrates the individual versions of masculinity of Delfy, Emmanuelle, Leticia and Dita, based on their real testimonials. Visually integrates painting and animated photography as well as video art, and a performance for the end credits that creates the cover for the film. Viruta, a FTM transgender, created the music.



Urban Action performed for the credits produced in the military area in Cuatro Vientos, Madrid, former Spanish military barracks, on the 8th of June 2014, Armed Forces Day. Thanks to Nusku Chinarro, Charon Estone, Ana Lógica and the two artists that form Redes Poeticas for their collaboration.


Music for credits, Viruta FTM






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