Trash and Tension



Museum for Contemporary Art from Castilla-León, Reina Sofia’s Museum for Contemporary Art Center; La Tabacalera; Intermediae, Matadero, Madrid; Arteleku, Donosti. 2010/11


Trash and Tension is a Toxic Lesbian project developed in a collaborative way from a gender perspective and a sexual orientation. It explores the reasons why some groups of women and bio-women which suffer gender violence don´t receive the same social security coverage as the other victims of gender violence in Spain. These are people with mental health problems, single mothers, women in prisons, gypsy lesbians, transsexual and transgendered people who even today are still under-represented socially. Trash and Tension describes the landscape of exclusion and analyzes the circumstances surrounding the people who suffer this violence.


The project was produced in three parts. The first, at Museum for Contemporary Art from Castilla-León, explored gender violence suffered by people with mental health problems, single mothers and women in prisons. A video art piece was produced for this event and an alive performance were developped simultaneously open dialogues and screenings took place at the Museum. The second part was showed at Reina Sofia’s Museum, in collaboration with “Tattoed Skeleton” project by the american artist Suzanne Lacy. Throughout more than a year, Lacy developed a multidisciplinary project, artistic and political at once, from a proposal by Reina Sofia Museum, in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in 2010. Toxic Lesbian was invited by the artist and the Museum in order to incorporate to the project the point of view of women socially under-represented; at Tabacalera it was showed too, making part of the agenda of acts in Madrid against Trans pathologisation; and at Intermediae, Matadero, Madrid, were queer university academics talked about transgender and gipsy lesbians suffering gender violence and in the other simultaneous scenario, performers exhibit “Trash and Tension” acting completing with screenings; and finally it was invited by Arteleku in Donosti were a web performance with a complex visual project were offered to presential and virtual public.


The last part of Trash and Tension were produced at Intermediae, Matadero, in collaboration with migrant and political group Migrantes Transgresorxs and social ONGs invited to the open dialogue. It presented a piece made on the Internet and broadcast live via social networks about the problems faced by lesbians, transsexuals and transgendered persons from Latin America in situations of political asylum, segregation or specific discrimination. This part were showed too at the Complutense Madrid University in an special event inviting real asylum seekers to expose their situations.