When love in África costs your life


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Subsaharian women, lesbians or not, among them some are asylum seekers and some others migrants or even European citizens. Women loving women in African countries, where love costs you your life or being raped. In collaboration with European or Spanish organisations and artists, queer, feminists and black women. Project will take place at Matadero, Madrid, at the artist’s residence at El Ranchito from october to december 2011. When Love in Africa costs your life is conceived as a public and work in progress art project.





Project presentation at Clap Conference, Bremen, Germany


Urban Art Sessions in Madrid over building walls, decembre-january 2012


Exil, video art piece wrotten by Joëlle Sambi and produced by Elena Tóxica

When loves in Africa costs your life: Rachel, Irène, Marianna, Anitta, Aline et Jeanne., video art piece in collaboration with queer african lesbians asylum seekers

URBAN When loves in Africa costs your life, video art piece in collaboration Toxic Lesbian and urban artists

Video sessions, urban art at Matadero Contemporary Art Center, Madrid, 30th september and 1st october; performance on-line alive by Canal Toxic TV.

Isilumo siyaluma Zanele Muholi dossier about "Artist response to violent hate crimes" sent to Toxic Lesbian for "When Love in Africa Cost your life"

Zanele Muholi explains Toxic Lesbian her project Isilumo siyaluma "Artist response to violent hate crimes"

Michele Clarke interviews Zanele Muholi

Interview with Rachel, lesbian asylum seaker at Belgium

Interview with lesbian asylum seeker

How gay rights debate began at the UN

Lesbians Raped in South Africa. The Guardian

Corrective Rape and Murder continues in South Africa

Eudy Simelane -- A Story of Corrective Rape

Lesbians corrective rape in South Africa

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera speaking at the ICM 2011

Sex crimes, homosexuality and the law in Ghana



Documents, researchs


Derechos lgbt y Uganda

More Than a Name
Criminalizing Identities

Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and Their Stand Towards LGBTI Rights

Faces & Phases

None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa


LGBTQI african Organisations:

Behind the Mask, “The voice of Africa’s LGBTI Community” is a communication initiative around LGBTI rights and affairs in Africa and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Behind the mask wsw: lesbian, bisexual, women who have sex with other women

Fighting against “corrective rape” in South Africa

Coalition for Advancement of Lesbian Business in Africa

African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHER) is a continental-wide network of organisations in Africa.

The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) was founded in June 2006 and represents a number of organisations working LGBT issues in Kenya.

HUMURE (founded by the late Georges Kanuma) was originally named the Association for Respect of Homosexuals’ Rights, Burundi’s first LGBT organisation. Cannot locate website

Rape Crisis CapeTown @RapeCrisis Cape Town
Cape Town NGO that supports rape survivors and works to end sexual violence.

Shukumisa @Shukumisa South Africa
Shaking up social attitudes to sexual violence & treatment of survivors by the criminal justice system

www.spectraspeaks.com/ @spectraspeaks

Pride Cape Town, Uniting Cultures of Cape Town

Astraea Foundation / @AstraeaUpdates New York, NY Lesbian Foundation for justice Funding Change and Strengthening Communities Around the World

The Coalition of African Lesbians [CAL] is a feminist coalition of 30 member organisations in 19 countries in Africa. www.cal.org.za

Forum for the Empowerment of Women

LeGaBiBo (Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana) is the first LGBTI (Lesbians,Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered and Intersexed) organization in Botswana.

LGBTI Namibia @lgbtinamibia Namibia Since 2010, a non-profit organisation which aims to represent & support sexual minorities in the country of Namibia.

African Activist - Blogging with Africa's LGBTI Community/



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